Casey (A499072) is a 6 year old female pit bull who was brought to us for being severely aggressive to dogs outside the home and fence fighting with other dogs walking by in the neighborhood. She initially did not present with these behaviors in the shelter, and was able to be kenneled with another dog. However, she was moved to a kennel by herself after just a couple of days and is now very reactive to dogs walking by her kennel. Given the history of behavior and the behavior she is showing in the shelter, she will be held through 5 PM on Sunday, 11/09/14 for networking/rescue efforts. Casey has an upper respiratory infection and a broken K9 tooth that may need to be removed. A dog introduction is required if she is going to a home with other dogs, and she would likely do best if kept indoors or in a yard with a block wall as opposed to a chainlink fence. She weighs 60 pounds.

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