Rewards Program

As an existing foster you….

  • are the best recruiter of other
  • know first-hand the rewards and all the reasons why every good family, friend, neighbor, co-worker, kids parents, teachers etc. should be a foster home too…even just once!
  • Can be a mentor to new foster recruits
  • Can get rewards that can benefit an animal or your favorite rescue

Get as many new foster recruits as possible to

  • register at
  • participate as a committed foster for any rescue in Pima County

You as their recruiter receive

  • 1 point per registration
  • 10 points per foster &
  • 15 points when adopted

Bank the points and redeem like cash through NKPC to sponsor any animal or as a donation to your favorite rescue!


General Guidelines

Although this is primarily geared toward existing fosters, anyone can participate.

Points are only awarded for the recruitment of new fosters

  • 1 point per registration,
  • 10 points per foster &
  • 15 points when adopted

New fosters must be at least 18 years of age.

It will be up to the rescue to conduct a home check if desired but the box wont be checked unless NKPC/SAFeR has vetted.

It is up to the discretion of the foster who they rescue for.

Rescues must post their policies (i.e. no adoption without home check, etc).

If a foster did not commit through adoption, no points are awarded.

Foster recruiters are recognized publicly for their efforts.

Points accumulated each year and must be used within that year.