SAFeRSM LifeLineTM is a not for profit (501c3) corporation dedicated to providing an online platform designed to connect individuals and groups dedicated to saving the lives of animals through community awareness, the No Kill equation, fostering and adoption. 

We’ve created a central database where volunteer animal fosters can register with their specific information. Information such as; availability, specialty skills, preferences for adopting, and other information. This can be filtered in a variety of ways including Zip code, for rescue groups We believe that by creating a centralized a repository of information specific to individuals and groups who tirelessly devote their time, their homes, and emotions, the prospect of saving lives will become an integral part of our communities. The ability to quickly and easily identify temporary homes will significantly reduce the number of innocent lives, caught up in the killing cycle of many of today’s government run animal control centers. 

SAFeR and the LifeLine service strongly support the No Kill Equation. It will only be through Rescue Groups, and the Fosters they network with and through, this can become a reality. These amazing groups and individuals are the “Voice” of those animals who cannot protect themselves and SAFeR LifeLine is proud to be a part of this wonderful community. 

If you would like to donate or learn more about SAFeR LifeLine, please contact us through our website.