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Saving At-Risk Animals (SARA) is a non-profit animal rescue in Tucson, AZ. While the mission, vision, and goals are being worked, the purpose is to raise animal awareness and funds to care for sickly cats that are at risk.

To rescue cats and kittens who are at risk of being put to sleep. We provide the care they need to become adoptable, and then assist them in finding their forever families.

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Methods used in promoting adoptables:
  • Website
Adoption events:

Petsmart (Grant and Swan) 10:30 - 4:00 every Saturday\r\nMostly Books (Speedway and Wilmot) 12 - 2 every first Sunday\r\nBookmans (Speedway and Wilmot) 11 - 1 every second Saturday\r\nDillards (Tucson Mall) 11 - 3 every fourth Saturday

Additional Notes:

SARA is a relatively small cat rescue that has limited funds. But as we grow and become more well-known, we will be able to rescue more felines. Fosters are requested to foster until adoption and commit to three adoption events a month. Volunteering at the adoption events is optional.